Superior Transmission Parts, Inc
Now In Stock – 5 New Superior Transmission Parts

Mid States Transmission Parts is happy to announce that we now have 5 NEW parts from Superior Transmission Parts, Inc.

We have each of these parts IN STOCK. For more information please contact your MSTP salesman at (800) 325-6772.

  • Superior Reverse Brake (case) Super-Tuff Snap Ring (PART# K0108) – For RE5 units 00-up. Fixed for dished, popped or broken-case snap ring. Retains the reverse brake retaining plate in the case. Causes plate to spin causing NO REVERSE.
  • Superior’s Bushing & Seal Kit (PART# K099) – Includes one (1) SuperTuff Bushing and one (1) premium seal. Use K099 during overhaul as an upgraded seal & bushing fix. For6F35 & 6T40/6T30.  Refill for K0100.
  • Superior’s Super Tuff Teflon Coated Bushings (PART# KO103) – For all 125/125C, 440T4/4T60-4T60E-4T65E & 4T40/45E. 3 fixes per kit.
  • SuperTuff Forward Hub Snap Ring (PART# K0105) – Superior K0105 SuperTuff 5R55WNS Front Hub/Front Ring Gear Heavy Duty Snap Ring.
  • Superior Fix for Broken1-2 Shift Valve Spring (PART# K0106) – Fits all 1988-up 4R100.  Why take a chance? Replace it on every rebuild! Assurance, value and 3 fixes per box.